Tuesday, 29 January 2013

3 New Tech and magazine blogger templates for 2013

As these days every new web user wants to become a blogger and also wants to earn some money from blogging.Blogging is the best way to earn money and know some about the world's strategy, know some thing about web and more. In the start of blogging every new blogger thinks what he'll do next ? Next means he/she thinks about the planning of their blog and try to do some best for their readers. This situation is very critical and in this period you just needs to start your blog in minimum time and start to happy your readers. So After the domain purchasing some bloggers turns for hosting and some turns for blogger free hosting from Google. Google provides free hosting in blogger you can host your domain on blogger without any tension. Blogger have a lots of features like, You don't need to set up your hosting panel, you don't need to install any software on your blog. You don't need to have a great experience in the start of blogging as development. When you connect your blog with blogger you'll have to simply to write most of effective content for your readers and you can write everything which you wants to share to your visitors. Well in the start of blogging on blogger you were have just some simple template which you can see in the template menu on your dashboard. That's templates don't have the good looks, not much features, and etc. But some of the most blogger template developers working for us to give us the real and very effective and responsive and Tech templates as any of condition. Their work is just for us and they just wants to look you blog so beauty. In this all work their 1 TOSS is that, they creates template for you and them also because whenever we install their templates in our blog so they've created 1 backlink from us. Well you can see some most beautiful and very natural, and tech, and magazine style blogger templates below,

Dazzling Designer Blogger Template

This one is the most fabulous blogger template which can be useful for tech blogging, magazine blogging and other wallpapers blogging.

MegaMag magazine Blogger Template

Blogism Blogger Template

This all templates which is shown above from Templateism. Syed Faizan working nice for us to make our blog looks like more professional.

Note : You can install this templates on any of blog, but you don't have the rights to remove templateism links from the footer, this is templateism property and you can't remove their link from the footer.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

How to Unblock friends in Skype

Skype is the one of the best software which helps you to connect with your family and your friends and others, its a best resource to communicate your love ones. Skype is the free software which professionally works for voice calling, video calling, texting, SMS, mobile calls. Skype have a very large amount of users, some years ago Skype official company SOLD Skype to Microsoft. Microsoft have a lot of products but Skype is the most popular software which is installed in every computer, laptops, android, other windows phones. Every months or weeks Skype offer some best calls offer for your family in lowest prices. Its have a bundle of functionality which can be very helpful for us during our communication. You can connect your Skype with WiFi. Skype offers WiFi so you can easily use Skype on WiFi. Wireless communication helps you to connects every where, where you want to talk with your good ones.

Features of Skype

Skype offers very cheap services for all over the world call. You can use Skype on your flit where you can't communicate with your mobile because the mobile signals is out of reached on the air. But Skype can run there on WiFi without any trouble. Skype offers to Direct call on any Mobile phone Internationally in lowest costs. Skype also offers the SMS service which is very helpful to remind your feelings to your partner.

How to Block friend on Skype

If any one harassing you in Skype you can block him/her by just simple instruction. You Only needs to go on his/her profile and right click on it and click on BLOCK CONTACT. He'll block on your profile and he'll can't disturb you in future.

How to Unblock friend on Skype

If you block any of your friend by mistakenly you can recover your friend's ID by just these simple steps which is shown below,

1 : Open your Skype software which is installed on your PC and click on Skype witch is shown on the MENU bar and click on PRIVACY.

and the after click on PRIVACY you see one new window.

2 : In the new window you'll automatically on the Privacy section then click on BLOCK Contacts. see below in the picture,

In this image you'll see your BLOCKED contacts which you blocked in the past, but don't worry you can recover any contact which you wants to recover.

3 : Click on any contact which you wants to UNBLOCK and CLICK on UNBLOCK this Person then he/she will unblock in your account with simple method.

That's all

Image Credit goes to : Skype

Saturday, 12 January 2013

4 New premium like Blogger Templates for 2013 from templateism

As you all know in the starting of blog you all need to a professional like premium and free template for your new blog. As these situations some Web developer and web designers wants to help to the blogger to improve their site's structure and site's looks design develop. Blog templates is one of the best solution and opportunity for new bloggers who don't know how to create blogger templates ? But as my commitment the designers gives us templates to attract our visitors for our blog. 

Well now templateism the blog from mybloggerlabs.com's Admin Syed Faizan Ali. Templateism providing the most gorgeous and beautiful looks blogger templates for new bloggers with also some easy guidlines which can be very helpful for every new blog. Now templatism just designed a premium like free templates. You can see some the best Blogger templates below,

1 : Hi-Tech Technology Blogger Template 2013

Download - Demo
Its looks a really passionate blogger Pro template which can be use for technology blogs and most of the reviews blog. Its something looks like WordPress premium template. If this template in WordPress and its price must be 30$ but templateism giving this template for free. 

2 : Avada Blogger Template 2013

MBL Avada is the new premium like blogger template which may can use for technology blogs and other wallpapers and etc blog. Its new decent design inspiring the most of the visitors.

3 : Damn-LOL Blogger Template 2013

Templateism most of the Unique template which may special and more reliable for which bloggers who wants to create their blogs about Gags, and other damn topics. Mostly bloggers create this type of blog for social media traffic well Its awesome.

4 : Apollo Blogger Template 2013

MBL apollo blogger template was the 1st template from templateism. Its a great template for every new blog who wants to looks awesome blogger. 

This all blogger template which i shown above is the most like able and most representative. Syed Faizan is the Owner of the blogger templates.

Note : You can download any template from the official site of templateism but you don't have the permission to remove the footer link on any blogger templates.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why new Blogger wants Quick money from their blog ?

In these days many of peoples are turning to earn some money in home by internet with home base. In this list most of the students wants to make money to help their parents to give some money and help them. Students have the bundle of knowledge which they gets from School, colleges, universities etc study platforms. They want to earn money like a professional which may can popular them on web. Its not a easy TOSS ! Success wants Time and hard work. When any person come to join a blogger community they just inspired from other blogger which are working on this platform about 4-5 and some of 2-3 years ago. We need to remember that they are here for just there handwork and honesty. 

Honesty is too much important during blogging.
Patients is the backbone of blogging.
Skills is the heart of blogging.

Earning some money is not easy, its take time and your patients and your handwork skills with your blog. I saw thousand's of blogger they don't want to work and don't want to give time for your blog, but they want money ? How it can be possible ? Its impossible because if you work hard you'll get visitors, you'll get promotions, You'll get popularity and much more. But our bloggers want just Quick money from there blog. You can make your blog in any of topic which you have a river of knowledge which must help you during working on your blog.

How to Promote blog for Money ?

On of the best solution to get promote your blog by Search engine optimization (SEO) which is depend on Directory submissions, Social Bookmarking, article submission, Blog commenting, and the most powerful for new blogger is that the Guest Posting.

Watch Popular Bloggers Activities !

See the most popular bloggers activities by join them on social communities like, Facebook, twitter, Google+ LinkedIn etc social communities. You can get ideas by discuss with them the always want to help others bloggers who wants to make money from their blogs.

Join Blogging Related Blogs !

You must need to subscribe the most powerful blogger's blog, they are providing SEO tips, making money tips, social media tips, and other techniques you can get from their blogs by subscribe their blog.

When I'll be able to Make money from Blog !

Earning money from blogging is not easy for the new bloggers, Because you must have a good amount of traffic on you blog. you must know the visitors mind which is about on your blog's topic.

Which Program is best for blogger to Make money?

Google Adsense is the most high paying program for blogger which can help you to get an awesome money from your blog. But its requires some things about your blog, Your blog should getting the high amount of traffic from Search engine like, Google.com. Your blog must have genuine content which you wrote from your hands, and many others. Buysellads is one more best option to earn some money from the high paying advertisers which buy your blog's adds area for advertise their business on your blog and they gives special amount for this.

That's All.

Expert Advice

Every new blogger should be more patience during blogging, You must apply for Adsense or Buysellads when your blog reached 600-700 visitors per/day. Your handwork is your tool. Your time can made special for you by share ideas during blogging.